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This is a great series of characters by Kuanto-
i wait for russia, north korea, cuba and brazil

via mr.bien

Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

"U-Bahn Geräusche Chor" by Grit Ruhland

"U- Bahn Geräusche Chor" means chorus of sounds of metros.
Dresden based artist Grit Ruhland offers walks in Berlin metro system.
Date: 29.06.10 - 6 p.m. contact via for attendence
more infos (german) here

Steel Tattoos by Won aka New

Won aka New made a series of great Trainworks in early 90s on munich S-train. His "Steel Tattoos" been published in books like "Graffiti Munich" or "Action Painting". He is a pioneer in painting on trains in non writing context and for sure these works are one of my favorite works on trains.

fotos via
more nice stuff you can find via won's website
or here

"schöner Reisen" Berlin 1998

"schöner Reisen" means " more beautiful travelling"

This work was done in Berlin - 1998 via

" The idea was by IXEL. At every station youngstes enter the s-train and brought individual stuff into the train. Pictures, carpets, fridges, garden funiture was brought to costumize the interieur of the impersonal S-trains.
After a few Stations it was maybe the first "Berlin Graffiti Ready -made". The Traincompany doesn't understand this project , that's why the train was taken off-line at Hermannstrasse."

"Die Idee zu dieser Aktion hatte IXEL, das Konzept war jede Station/ pro Wagon steigen mehrere interessierte Südostberliner Jugendliche zu, angefangen in Königs Wusterhausen. Das nicht sonderlich ansprechende unpersönliche Interieur der S-Bahn sollte individualisiert und mit persönlichen Gegenständen, wie Bildern, gebrauchten Kühlschränken, Teppichen, Gartenmöbeln oder -Erde etc aufgewertet werden.
Somit war bereits nach mehreren Stationen ein Vollzug zum vielleicht ersten Berliner Graffiti Ready-made umgewandelt. Die Bahn verstand das Konzept damals noch nicht und nahm den Zug Hermannstrasse aus dem Verkehr."

unknown Artist

found this one via

Montag, 16. August 2010

An unfinished wrting piece - a finished piece of art

Maybe typical wrting fans do not understand if i tell them: "I like unfinished graffitis."
Here a short decription about this phenomena: "Unfinished Pieces are unexepected. Writer's aim is to paint an already finished work, done as a sketch on paper. To move a sketch on a train in my eyes is boring. The action of painting the train is the most important thing. Sneaking into the yard. Being adrenaline flashed. Trying to finish something.
An unfinished work just shows how dangerous it is to paint a train. It's amazing to see how many works still run finished, because the phenomena of painting trains is existing for over 40 years. My thoughts always be: "But next year nobody will be able to paint burner pieces". But it is still possible. But a lot unfinished works run the line, too.And painters upload those works, too.
I'm just wondering why people still want to protect the realness of New York writing, why they don't move a step forward. Painting works on trains that look finished, even if they are unfinshed and the artist has to run."

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Diving Beauty

I found this new great whole car on my friend Aris' foto stream. Just beautiful. Nothing more to say.

catalogue "about the nightshift"

The accompanying catalogue for the show " urban script continues 2010 - about the nightshift"

more infos about the show here
language : german and english
36 pages
featured artists:
Jens Besser
Nils Müller
Van Laak
Shlomo Faber

limited on 250 pieces
price 5€ plus shipping ( germany 2€, Eu 5€)
order via : jens ( a inna circle)
subject: "about the nighshift - catalogue"

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

passenger train but not for passengers

"train d'essais" - i don t really understand the whole visual message. For sure it s a freaky metro but not for passengers. via

Montag, 9. August 2010

Post It

Out Of Order ...via

Pop Art Goes S-Train

Reminds me on Roy Lichtenstein and Marvel comics of 60's,70's,80's ... Ivan on Berlin S-Train. via

short white and black lines

Sparkling lines on czech trains - that's the way of Sense

Animal in Austria

When animals claim trains.
Urkel of Wurstbande goes on austrian trains.

Naked Truth

A nude on plastic canvas cover. My comment: "Naked truth for freight friends and hobos."

Ranzlow spotted in Bulgaria

Ranzlow spotted in Bulgaria.
My comment : "...maybe ha had a bad sleeping experience in the night train between Bucarest and Sofia" via

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