Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

Massive Interview with Aris

On Ekosystem an interview with italian train painter Aris by Jens Besser is published today.

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

Coming from the yard - straight out of Verschiebebahnhöfe

"Coming from the yard - straight out of Verschiebebahnhöfe" is the first show at Neun Görlitz. This exhibition features works of train painting artists from Italy, Canada and Germany. Photography by Bozhidar Asenov from Bulgaria completes the exhibition .

Most of the works show the direct connection to the medium "train". The print "catching out" by Other reminds on "hobo-phantasies" - catching a train and getting some booze.Aris screenprint has a typical size of a panel and reminds on his colorrange of his trainworks.
Original Stencils by Shlomo Faber of the year 2003 are relicts of a long time ago trainpainting era. Framed as objects the stencil could be original artworks only made for hanging in a Gallery.
Lithographies of Zasu remind of the fast death of life and the fast cleaning of panels on trains.
Jens Besser met train painters on several interrail tours. He started to take pictures of them and made handdrawn "portraits" of them. The final result is a drawing series of more then 15 works on international train tickets.

The show is arranged by Jens Besser.

participating artists: Aris (Italy), Other (Canada), Bozhidar Asenov (Bulgaria), Zasu (Germany), Shlomo Faber (Germany) and Jens Besser (Germany).

opening - Friday 13.12.2013 - 6p.m.

opening hours in 2013

14.12. Saturday 4.30 p.m.- 7p.m.
19.12. Thursday 4.30 p.m.- 7p.m.
20.12. Friday 4.30 p.m.- 7p.m.
21.12. Saturday 4.30 p.m.- 7p.m.

Addmission is free! There is no entrance fee.

Adress: Neun Görlitz - Fischmarkt 9 - 02826 Görlitz/Zgorzelec

Russian Propaganda

Because I'm not into the russian language I don't know what it means. I only heard that the painting on train is based on the picture of a demonstration in Russias far east region in Novosibirsk. Via thanx r.

Outliner Magazin III

"Just recently the dresden-based graffiti magazin Outliner published a big article about the exhibition urban script continues 2012 - Conceptual Vandalism .The article is completly in german, but a lot unplished trainworks are first time available printed in this magazin." I hope they continue to focus on the "non-writing" aspactes in train painting as well.

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