Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

graphic-surgery goes freight

yesterdays update on ekosystem brought this nice grafic work to the public.GRAPHIC - SURGERY from Amsterdam is famous for geometric forms. This time stenciled on a Freight.

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

TSIMUHA from salonika

Greek artist TSIMUHA is located in Salonika.
Tsimuhas style looks like a mixture of organic inspirations and vitual landscapes. i found his stuff via his streetfiles account

pictogram busted

changed pictograms by Seth(Berlin) in 2005 . Done in Vienna metro.

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Do you know VANIA ?

While i wrote the text about "art inconsequence" another great trainpainter came to my mind - VANIA . i remeber his works from ekosystem . he seemd one of the few how did abstract works back in 2000. A time when trains in south west of france been extremly painted. A friend of mine told me those days he had to look out for a free space on the commuters ... good old times. here a collection of his works via

Book - art inconsequence

Till now i did not feature one of the best book about painted Trains - art inconsequence. Even it was published in 2006 , it seems still an alien in the world of writing based books.
The book consists of 2 main parts - A Book and a DVD. When i invited R.Kaltenhäsuer for a lecture in Dresden , he told me the book was original planned as a kind of booklet for the DVD, but finally ended up in a 140 pages book.
The book is a great collection of texts and pictures. Pictures of filmed works in the Video. Higher quality , then the DVD - Pal, and combined in a well done layout.
The texts are in german and english language - not only about trains. R. Kaltenhäuser made a collection of texts by artists like Hans Winkler ( p.t.t. red) or art historians, that refelct about legality & llegality of art or "visions in motion". While Publikat seems to throw out the book of their stock, i cannot understand , this book is a must for trainworks lovers. it is maybe the first bok about a theme that is not reflected in artworld , but maybe will soon more relevant then ever before. you can buy it here are at your favorite bookshop ;)

Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

a riddle for officers

work done by german writer RÄTSEL ( that means riddle) . even it s a writing , it plays with authorities and dissolves the classic way of writing ... let's make a riddle out of the painting. via

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

scary drawings of RELISH TODAY

Found those oilstick drawings on freight via . RELISH TODAY is the artist behind who paints scary Stuff like "brothers of metal" or really classic portrait stuff.

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

fake door & logo busting by TAPS

a crazy fake door &logo bust by TAPS on a german s-train .
check out the comments of train-fans ( only german)
thanx F.W. & via

Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

Something in 3D

today for the first time i show 3 dimensional stuff. it s really rare to find outside on trains , but some artists try it at least. above PIANO33 , FLUFL & MEWE realized this work in 2007 via ekosystem and below a work by Shlomo Faber - back in 2002 still doing Styles - but real 3D via .

TALL&small by Shlomo Faber

"lot's of writers don't like to paint over doors. you can take pictues of the whole piece only when train arrives,leaves or is running. on the platform doors are open wide. i love thisinteraction especially those doors , which cover parts of trains outside. one of this interactions is TALL&small done in 2007 in Italy.":says Shlomo Faber - via

Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

"about the nighshift" - Dates are fixed - website online!

Dates& Infos about the exhibition project " urban script continues 2010 - about the nightshift" are online now - check the updated website and read carfully ;)

Labrona - Special

He is one of the really long & still active freight artists from Canada -LABRONA.I already showed one of his works earlier on this blog. this time i want to show more works of him , cause he is a really really active guy. well this is again his foto-account and if you like to read an interview with hime - arrested motion made one "AM: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background? Labrona: Hi, I am an artist that goes by the moniker Labrona. I’m known for painting oil stick characters on trains that travel the North American rail system. My friend Other got me into painting trains around 1998 and I haven’t stopped since. Lately, I’ve been making a name for myself as a gallery artist." - continue here

thanx giving 2003

with gawd 2007

done in 2004

a colorfull one from 2006 with berzerker

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

the IROT-way of steeling

i already featured IROT once - this time a larger collection of a character series connected to hieroglyphics done on hungarian steel, ...

an abstract night

a new work by czech artist SENSE. seems like an impression inspired by clouds at night ... via

Original Hustlers love stretch limousine

a really huge stretch limousine by Original Hustlers crew.
Who doesn't want to ride in such a crazy vehicle? Even local press loves to ride this limo... via

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