Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Oilstick turorial

This video I found via kodak kidds photostream. It's funny to see kodak kidd talking while drawing a quik moniker on a freight. And while i checked some other photo streams about monikers on freights in Northern America i found lots of interesting flix on tomatoe thomas stream. Here we go (click on pictures to see it in better resolution) ... three times theory tex goth deuce crazy BAER

more monikers here, here or just search

Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

Portrait of Bill Daniel

Found this picture today on tumblr of Bill Daniel. The publisher of one of may favorite books called "mostly true - The West's Most Popular Hobo Graffiti Magazine". The Drawing is done in typical hobo-technique with oils sticks. Artist - relish today

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Exhibition & Interview on Wertical with Moses&Taps

"WE: Teamwork seems to be the name of the game!
M&T™: Yes. But it is definitely a process until you are able to work within a team. We all painted for 15 years and even longer before we met each other. During this time, we went on the rampage. Today, it is no longer about spray painting your name confidently on a train for the thousandth or ten-thousandth time.  Now, we are interested in experiments. "

 On 1st of February the "duo"- show of Moses&Taps at ruttkowski 68 opens - Just before published - an interview of german train painters moses & Taps on wertical.

Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Messages to the world

"Geld regiert die Welt, wer regiert das Geld ?" ( in eng. "Money rules the world, who rules the money ?") via herr wachtmeister "Antifas free Kurdistan" via antifas 0711 "beuys in the hood" via Overkill 187 "stil missing you" via Legion0711 "You are free to do as we told you!!!" via ekosystem - picture by txmx

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