Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

Arriva to NS

via dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf"

Building up "Conceptual Vandalism"

First Photos of the build up of "Conceptual Vandalism" - exhibition at motorenhalle Dresden. "90% photography 4% used materials 2% Video and 4 % ??? this is what conceptual Vandalism looks like - opening this friday 8 .pm. - motorenhalle Dresden more Infos here." Don't miss this show and the side events - all infos on

Mittwoch, 21. November 2012


Messages from the underground - via trainart

painting trams in russia

These are picture from the photostream of Vova Chernyshev aka Skar. Nice impressions about painting trams during the russian winter.

Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Conceptual Vandalism opens soon

On 30th November the show Conceptual Vandalism opens 8p.m. @ motorenhalle Dresden. check the complete program here or download the flyer (german&english) to spread it in your town!

colorful abstractions

Are they styles or just colorful abstractions? via 0351

It goes on and on

Aris was active on italian freights this summer. Check his photostream for more stuff.

Going to fuckin' west

A new work by VILKS from France called "Going to fuckin' west". Check the bigger size image for more details of the work. ps - check out his photostream as well for the beautifull illustrations

Bratislava - legal trams and trains

Seems like Bratislava is a great place to paint offical trains and trams. Nychos made a steel train and Garnard & Push painted on a tram ( via 949 account ) . I already posted some flix of another tram ny Jana&Js & Garnard done during Bratislava street art festival 2012.

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