Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Montag, 19. Januar 2015

Fanzine & Impressions

Untitled I don't now exactly when (maybe in Summer 2013) the Broken Handz Fanzine was published but it looks interesting. There is stuff be to be found by jiem, vilx, nofx ... - order via bigcartel

and some nice impressions by flickr user benicosta

Untitled Death is coming... by train


"querbeet" means in german a mix of all-over f No Future by NOFX crew picture by overkill187 f picture by overkill187 f work by Daniel Thies found via overkill187 original foto by Arnold van heyst AGR 18045 via Michael Sullivan BANG BANG SKEET SKEET "BANG BANG SKEET SKEET" via Chilled Experts

some more links again


shakira shakira

character by musal

cold hands


AWARE via black vomit Aware via abettertomorrow

just links , because photographer does not allow sharing

Black & White

Rail Art artist - Boxcar Jiem Rail Art both pictures via orangedot777

just links, because the spotters do not allow sharing !

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