Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

pictures speak louder then words

"fun & profit" - via graffiti art on trains Belgium the earlier mentioned legal whole train in rome - via allcity blog "free boris" - the guerilla advertiser of the grifters has been arrested in France. Now there is a wave of support for his Freedom to continue his crazieness in the streets of Europe. Higher Resolution of the picture here. via mishmash german abstraction via hannovera "single eye monster" on tram - photo by Rubae via raphael Copyright? I like creative commons ! via hannovera again

Legal vs. illegal

While recently more and more transportation objects get officially painted ( legal metro in rome , legal airplane by Os Gemeos ) the illegal scene is going to be more and more violent because of secondary deviation. Here is just another example - this time from Buenos Aires ( found via allcityblog ). I wonder what happens in the future. On the one hand official projects are nice, but on the other hand the stupid actions of authorities are totally counterproductive. At least legal works will be destroyed soon and legal projects won't be supported in the future. While on the end only the extremly illegal survive and painting trains is treaten as an criminal act like stealing other people properties or killing people. While it is a totally different thing...

Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

"Ferkeltaxe" is back

Decades ago some farmers used trains in the countryside to transport even pigs. That's why the name "Scheinetaxi" or "Ferkeltaxe" came up . These terms mean "a Taxi for pigs". Now some painters gave a german countryside train this meaning back. You can see the train rolling in a german news paper blog .

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