Dienstag, 11. April 2017

"Aber du siehst mich nicht" a show by Aris & TOCKA in Herne

On 6th MAy 2017 the show "Aber du siehst mich nicht" (german for " ... But you cannot see me") by Aris and TOCKA opens at the former waiting room at Herne station. The space is already famous for urban art shows. Ihe Infusion series was held there by 24-7 style in cooperation with pottporus Festival.
2017 Robert Kaltenhäuser starts the "Museum für visuelle Dissidenz"(engl. Museum Of Visual Dissidence) and the first curated show by Kaltenhäuser is "Aber du siehst mich nicht".
The show is co-curated by Katja Glaser, who invited the experimental filmmaker Ann-Katrin Pauly, to document Aris and TOCKA during his works for and during the show. The show runs till 23rd july.

Open from Thursday -Saturday 4p.m.-9pm.m and Sunday 1p.m.-6p.m.

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