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3rd of May - Posting Day

#legaltrain - a facebook group started to promote legal trains in Germany. They use the hashtag #legaltrain even for non permissioned works

A door in a Hamburg S-train sealed by an articial wall made out of stones. via urbanshit "Homme De Lettres" Via graffiti-art-on-trains

Some may remember the series of bombs. Yet another one seen in Belgium. via graffiti-art-on-trains

Some followers of this blog may remember the posting of "голубой вагон" - a song for kids from CCCP. Via graffiti-art-on-trains i found this blue wholecar which seems to fit perfectly.

"cool" - via graffiti-art-on-trains

abstract writing piece - via graffiti-art-on-trains

Untitled 2 exploded pieces via graffiti-art-on-trains & via bakpan 69

IMG_1675 381 crew - via bakpan 69

IMG_1440 a kids car - via bakpan 69 "Bon vivant" - via geespotting

The Land tribute to palestine - via overkill187

"give me back my hand" - via notguiltymag

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about Shlomo fAber

Shlomo Faber / Conceptual Vanadlism in juice magazine 3/2015 Shlomo Faber / Conceptual Vanadlism in juice magazine 3/2015 Shlomo Faber / Conceptual Vanadlism in juice magazine 3/2015 "It seems somebody spoke to the press about some of the works shown at Conceptual Vandalism exhibition. The interviewer (Johann Voigt) calls him A. - but the headline speaks of Shlomo Faber - really confusing . The subtitle shows some connection to Conceptual Vandalism. Really funny play with names and words - the text is only in German available - maybe i try to translate the text later - could be interesting for the international scientists. The "Conceptual Vandalism" show about non-writing works on trains took place in 2012 at motorenhalle/Dresden - more Infos about the exhibition you can find here." via urban script continues

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All of the lines

A new soundtrack by Veli&Amos called "All of the lines".Veli&Amos made Videos such as "Me and myself" and "Stylewars2" The straight lines on trains remind me on an earlier work of Daniel Tagnoe.

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Fanzine & Impressions

Untitled I don't now exactly when (maybe in Summer 2013) the Broken Handz Fanzine was published but it looks interesting. There is stuff be to be found by jiem, vilx, nofx ... - order via bigcartel

and some nice impressions by flickr user benicosta

Untitled Death is coming... by train


"querbeet" means in german a mix of all-over f No Future by NOFX crew picture by overkill187 f picture by overkill187 f work by Daniel Thies found via overkill187 original foto by Arnold van heyst AGR 18045 via Michael Sullivan BANG BANG SKEET SKEET "BANG BANG SKEET SKEET" via Chilled Experts

some more links again


shakira shakira

character by musal

cold hands


AWARE via black vomit Aware via abettertomorrow

just links , because photographer does not allow sharing

Black & White

Rail Art artist - Boxcar Jiem Rail Art both pictures via orangedot777

just links, because the spotters do not allow sharing !

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