Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Book - art inconsequence

Till now i did not feature one of the best book about painted Trains - art inconsequence. Even it was published in 2006 , it seems still an alien in the world of writing based books.
The book consists of 2 main parts - A Book and a DVD. When i invited R.Kaltenhäsuer for a lecture in Dresden , he told me the book was original planned as a kind of booklet for the DVD, but finally ended up in a 140 pages book.
The book is a great collection of texts and pictures. Pictures of filmed works in the Video. Higher quality , then the DVD - Pal, and combined in a well done layout.
The texts are in german and english language - not only about trains. R. Kaltenhäuser made a collection of texts by artists like Hans Winkler ( p.t.t. red) or art historians, that refelct about legality & llegality of art or "visions in motion". While Publikat seems to throw out the book of their stock, i cannot understand , this book is a must for trainworks lovers. it is maybe the first bok about a theme that is not reflected in artworld , but maybe will soon more relevant then ever before. you can buy it here are at your favorite bookshop ;)

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