Samstag, 18. September 2010

Back in the days - FUTURA 2000

This train of FUTURA 2000 is one of my most favorites. It s done in the 80's and looks like some all-over painting

"That piece was a total departure from anything previous. I understood that I could do other things with spray paint and I wanted to experiment. The result was that car and two others in different colors. I was lucky to have (SEEN) catch that one, with the windows up because the others all got buffed or dogged. I had always thought of myself as a writer, tagging insides and other highly visible locales. But the transition to painting outsides and let's say, whole cars was obviously the move. I'm just lucky, I was even there. I really can't explain the mystery. Suffice to say I have had a nice little run." this comment of Futura via

I heared Futura painted this abstract painting because he wasn't able to paint styles at that time. He just came back from the army and was not part of the jump between tag to style. That's why you find a huge tag in the middle. The rest of the car is just fancy colored - would like to know if that s true or not ... but for sure i love this work.

foto in better quality here

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