Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

travel well - fresh stuff by other

fresh stuff by other !!!

"travel well -
supposedly Saint Christopher is the blessor of transportation workers ....but this is no Saint Christopher...this is the high-rise-project-housing-prayer...the saint of cut-fences ...the saint of areas forgotten ...layered with old tires and used condoms ....the saint of janitors looking for a good place to drink vodka on their break,dreaming of their youth...the saint of moldy hiding spots for the timely decomposition of porno magazines that sprout fiddlesticks in the spring....the ravaged hinterland...a great place to break frozen early winter puddles with heavy rusty autoparts....this saint protects where i was raised and what i have become but i dont know who she is ...the shrine is clutter and the song long lost well..."
via troy-lovegates. You find more stuff on his flickr

ps : i love saints

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