Montag, 5. März 2012

Legal Wholetrain - Porto Alegre

While the european train companies rarely think about legal options to paint trains Porto Alegre has it's second legal whole train. Compared to the total number of Trains (25) Porto Alegre could claim to have the system with most whole trains since the 90's. The first whole train was done during "Projeto Wholetrain" in 2005.
Last Year Ironlak organized the second legal whole train with: Kico (nsk), Holie (nsk), Trampo, Matheus Grimm, Jp (Pax), Seilá (Pax) and Celo (Pax). Unfortunatly i did not find a panoramic picture of all cars. Just an whole car impression and the following video.

for bigger image click on the photo above.

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