Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Love and Security - Video

Love and Security is a great example how train painters react on the ongoing wave of extremly fast cleaning actions in countries without crises (even they talk about the crisis) . The country of Austria is one of the most radical reacting countries in Europe against graffiti. If you pass by this country you find rarely tags or pieces of high quality along the train line. Only Vienna seems to have an active scene of painters - you can see it along the line and you the rolling painted trains of the s-train system. The video seems to be mainly a reaction on the process of the vienna metro company that cleans trains before they leave the hangar. A practice copied from New York. The aim was to stop the running trains to keep them from an audience and to frustrate the painters. In recent years this practice doesn't help a lot. Artists spread their unauthorized actions via Internet, Magazines and Videos. "If the companies don't show our works - we do it ! " could be a message. It seems to work. The harsh reactions on this video - even featured on  or österreich- show that an audience for this theme exist - positive or negative - it doesn't matter. On the other hand the text of the music (seems to be produced only for this video) explains why painters work on trains and that in contradiction to the pubilc thoughts , artists how paint on trains love the trains - but just with color. The vienna subway is maybe the best example for an ugly type of train design. In silver grey without any effects- without any additional color, it s maybe one of the most awfull commutersystems in the world.Immagine to see every morning this ugly train on the way to your job, friends , for some exhibition or whatever .... Poor people in Vienna !

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  1. this is by no means a reaction to fast cleaning, which is the same in vienna since over a decade.

    its merely a statement about the current generation of graffiti writers that are very conservative and ignorant about anything that has not outlines or follows the ancient rules of graffiti train writing.

    this quotes yves klein, action painting, and other aspects of art history.

    a action that could be a statement about the cleaning process would be to paint several trains, different yards at the same time and fuck up all the other trains by destroying the front window, do svatiskas etc ..

    actually most current graffiti writers are egoists who dont give a shit about society, but mostly about fame in their little circle.

    "yea, that dude hit the subway in whatevercity"
    no matter what he painted actually, all about trophies and numbers - weak superficial shit

  2. This video has the similar topic like the explanations in the commant above :
    shown at conceptual vandalism show in dresden



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