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FreightTrainWorks - Publication

The publication „FreightTrainWorks“ documents the exhibition project of the same name. In 2017, the exhibition was curated by Jens Besser in Dresden.
The exhibition presented artistic positions that realized abstract, figurative and conceptual works on surfaces of freight trains.
In the publication FreightTrainWorks numerous photos and English texts on artist groups are published for the first time. An introduction to the history of freight train painting provides valuable information. A glossary explains the most important terms.

With texts by J. Besser (DE), R. Kaltenhäuser (DE) and P. Rivasi (IT).

Interviews were hold with The Funky Diabetic (US) and Zelle Asphaltkultur (DE) by Jens Besser and published in the publication.

Further artists in the publication: Aris (IT), BWNC (EU), Canollo (IT), Collettivo FX (IT), Druce Boxcar (RU), JIEM (FR), Weichenschleicher (DE), Wipe Out (FR)
The publication was produced in multicolor silk screen printing and digital printing and is supplemented with illustrations by Jens Besser.

The first edition is strictly limited – 100pcs.
Format A5 – 20cm x 14,5cm / 48 pages incl. Cover
Price plus shipping – 15 €

Online, the publication is available on

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