Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

after being offline for 4 days , i m back on the blogg.
yesterday just hold a short lecture about trainworks at "3rd pecha kucha night dresden".there was a great atmosphere and the audience was really friendly ... yealling and shouting and hourayy.

AND first infos about the upcoming show "urban script continues 2010 - about the nightshift"

participating artists: Nils Müller (Köln) , Van Laak (Düsseldorf) , Other (Toronto), Jens Besser (Dresden)
dates are fitted :
Exhibition period - 11. June bis 11.July

big opening at 11.june 8 p.m.

guided tours - 17.6.(night 10-12p.m.) ; 24.6.(night 10-12p.m.); 26.6(night 11-3p.m.); 3.7.(night 11-3p.m.);

Finisage/closing 11.July - 6 p.m.

so c'mon - google the names and you find out what s goin on at Dresden KOLONI

more infos soon online at urbanscript's webpage

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