Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

other from canada

i just posted a work of his partner labrona - now some of his stuff.
this sketch of other is called "missing freights".
i remember a crazy story about him. when he attended at fokus festival görlitz last year , one night he went out with 1010 - just to drink and have some fun on the polish side of görlitz. they crossed the border illegally via the trainbridge of görlitz. this bridge is called neißeviadukt and at least 45 m height. well - they arrived on the other side , even the brigde is a really unsafe - parts of the railing are destroyed . somewhen that night 1010 called me " he man we had to run and i don t know where other is ...- BREAK" next call " hey man we had to run from cops , now i hide into bushes .... break" and the last one " well i don' t know where i am ... could you call other ??... ahhh BREAK".
well the next day 1010 arrived at the festival around 10 in the morning . i asked him what happend. he just told me - he has been on the polish side - drinking together with other . he did not remeber he called me .. so i waited that day if other will arrive. and he did. somewhen around 3 p.m. he arrived at fokus - totally tired but some freaky smile onna face. i saked him what happend . "...when i was devided from 1010 i moved back to the railway line, and walked a while. then i found a passenger train , just on a station... i wrote some texts on the train. with my oil chalk. don't really remember what, i guess some kind of poem. then i continued to walk and found a shelter. an old abandoned station . i slept there for some hours. then woke up - and walked back to görlitz - that's it ." ....
all fotos via his flickr

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